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  • How to Cancel AOL Email Subscription

    By: aolemail0254 Posted in: AOL Email toll free Number
    How to Cancel AOL Email Subscription


    SO you want to cancel your email subscription. Don’t worry you can do it in quite a simple way. AOL provides complete support to the uses and once you decide not to be a part of AOL services you can cancel you paid AOL plans and remove the subscription. You won’t have to do some major formalities. The process is quite simple to follow, and you can do it on your own. However, if you need expert support, you can also call AOL Email Tech Support   and get the professional advice and prominent solution to all your queries and issues. Now go through this blog till the end to know the easy process for canceling your subscription.


    Easy steps to cancel your AOL paid plan:


    AOL offers a choice to cancel your AOL plans and convert it to the free. So you won’t need to pay any amount further. However, you can completely cancel the subscription that you get later in this blog. Now to cancel you paid AOL plans to follow these steps:

    ·       Go to the official website Myaccount.aol.com

    ·       Select “My services and then “Subscriptions.”

    ·       You will get plans details, and you need to click on “Manage” next to your plan

    ·       You may need to verify your account

    ·       Once you verify your account click on “cancel.”

    ·       Look at the bottom of the page and click “Cancel My Billing.”

    ·       You will find a drop-down menu to mention the reason for canceling

    ·       After providing the reason, you can click “Cancel My Billing.”


    Easy process to cancel your premium subscription:


    Now if you are using the premium subscription and wish it cancel it, you need to follow these steps given below:

    ·       Go to Myaccount.aol.com

    ·       Select “My services” and then “Subscriptions.”

    ·       Find your plan from the list and click “Manage” in front of it

    ·       Then click “cancel billing” option and provide a specific reason

    ·       On the bottom of the page click on cancel link and finish the process.


    Things to consider if you cancel AOL paid version for the free plan:


    ·       If your AOL plan lies in the middle of the billing cycle but you still want to cancel a paid plan, then you will be able to enjoy the paid service until the billing period is paid.

    ·       You will have to pay extra premium subscriptions if you have any.

    ·       You have to clear your billing details before you cancel AOL subscription.

    Now you are well aware of the process to cancel AOL subscription. These steps are easy to follow but if you have some specific concerns related to any unique requirement apart from the general solution you can call at AOL Email Technical Support Number   and get the specific solution by the AOL experts.



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    Source URL: How to cancel AOL email Subscription