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    How do I delete my Juno Email account?

    By: aolsupport18 Posted in: Business
    How do I delete my Juno Email account?

    There are ways you can delete your Juno account:


    • If you would love to continue using your Juno account, however, do now not need it on a particular laptop, you could dispose of your account from just that computer.
    • If you are now not happy with Juno’s Free Internet provider, you could delete your account entirely and completely.


    Note: You can’t completely delete an account this is presently signed up for one Juno’s premium services (for instance, Juno Web); you need to cancel your account with the aid of contacting. Or you can contact us on Juno Email Technical Support Number.

    Deleting the Juno account from simply one computer

    If you are using Juno 2.0 or later, and would really like to delete your account from just the computer you are currently the usage of observing those steps:

    • Make certain which you have enabled far-flung get entry to in your account.
    • Start Juno.
    • When the Welcome to Juno screen appears, click on Delete Account.
    • On the Delete Account screen, click on the Email address or Name arrow to pick the account you need to delete.
    • Click on Just this laptop.
    • Click OK.

    Tip: Your account and all statistics related to your account can be deleted from your computers, such as your email messages, folders, and Address Book. If you need to shop any of these facts, you should create backup copies earlier than you delete your account.

    Deleting the Juno account completely

    We recognize your help and hope you are glad together with your Juno service. If you aren’t satisfied with Juno’s Free Internet carrier, you can delete your account completely and completely.

    You will no longer have to get right of entry to your account and nobody will ever be capable of creating every other account with the equal consumer call like the one you deleted. Because person names are not case-sensitive, you will now not also be capable of creating an account with a username this is spelled the same however capitalized otherwise.

    To completely delete your account in Juno 2.0 or later:


    • Make positive which you have enabled faraway get entry to your account.
    • Start Juno.
    • When the Welcome to Juno display screen appears, click Delete Account.
    • On the Delete Account display screen, click the Email address or Name arrow to pick the account you need to delete.
    • In the Password field, type the password for the account.
    • Click Juno’s critical computers and this laptop.
    • Click

    These two are the easiest and simplest way to delete your old Juno account while applying these in your old Juno account. And then, you will be able to make a new if you want.


    In case, if you are trying to delete and it’s not happening or if you want to recover the Juno account then our Juno experts can help on this regards on Juno Email Helpdesk Support Number. You just need to dial a single number or you can get assistance on Juno Email Customer Support Number for 24*7 acceptances.

    Source URL:- http://www.aolmailsupportphonenumber.com/how-do-i-delete-my-juno-email-account/