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  • Category: entertainment

    Chicago Music Promotions (CMP)


    Welcome to Chicago Music Promotions. I am glad you stopped by to check out the website and or wanted to check out some music or dj mixes. This site is for ONLINE Promotions and Marketing. Talent creates a account on the site, uploads media and content and then they invite friends to come check out there advanced profile. The site can handle  different media sites in 1 location. Soundcloud, youtube, vimeo, twitter, facebook and several other sites are integrated into the network and system for offsite promotions as well so you can post other media here that is located on other sites. Also the profile has many options talent can add or leave empty, as in geo tracking, twitter and social network branding and also profile statistics and profile editing features. So I hope you enjoy your stay, be sure to create a music fan or talent profile and setup shop...

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    The Best and Worst Music of 2013


    I have never been much of a mainstream media person or keep current with "major" recording artists and music the labels blast out on the radio but I do tend to get my fair share of listening time with music released. This will be my list of music to check out and or to avoid like the plague. We will start out from BEST to WORST. We will also be covering Independent music as well and also DJS.

    Mainstream Artists

    Avicii - Wake Me Up
    Daft Punk - Get Lucky
    Demons - Imagine Dragons
    Jay-Z - Holy Grail
    Royals - Lorde (do not understand the video but song sounds decent)
    Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home
    Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
    Awolnation - Sail (Love this song)
    Captial Cities - Safe and Sound
    Martin Garrix - Animals
    Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (meh overplayed)
    Kanye West - Black Skinhead

    Independent Artists


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