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  • How To Fix QuickBooks Error 3371

    By: coraadam08 Posted in: QuickBooks Customer Service Number
    How To Fix QuickBooks Error 3371


    In the current scenario, QuickBooks has become one of the most preferred accounting software that is available in the market. QuickBooks cater to their essential aspects of usability. They ensure that their software is safe, reliable and accurate. This is one of the main reasons why this software has such a high demand among accountants and bookkeepers. Apart from the factors of usability the software also provides several mesmerizing features to the users. This software has seen to ease the workload of the users. Several companies all around the world have effectively used this software. When software plays a huge role in any organization, it is all the more critical that the software does not hamper the functioning of the organization. Even though QuickBooks is rated among the top accounting software, there are specific issues that the users of QuickBooks face.


     One such problem is the QuickBooks error code 3371. This issue is faced by the user when they are trying to reconfigure their desktop or even while trying to activate QuickBooks for the very first time. Users can quickly solve this issue by accurately following some easy troubleshooting methods. While in such a situation, the users can also connect with QuickBooks Tech Support  They then work along with you to provide you relief from the error that you are facing.


    Causes of facing QuickBooks Error Code 3371


    While working on QuickBooks, Intuit has made it necessary that the users have the QuickBooks license information stored on the hard drive. The users tend to face glitches and malfunctions when this file gets corrupted, damaged or even goes missing.

    The user can also face this error code when they are undertaking the process of cloning the data from the c:/ drive to a new hard drive. When the user comes across such a situation, they would have to re-enter the license information to resolve this error. Some reasons for facing this issue is as follows:


    ·       When the Qbregistration.dat file is missing.

    ·       When there is some damage to the MSXML component.

    ·       When there is some interruption that is caused by the Anti-Virus software.

    ·       When the user tries to open the file without saving it.


    Things to check before starting the process of troubleshooting


    ·       You should make sure that you have the latest version of Windows on your system.

    ·       Also, check for any corruption in the Windows Operating system.


    The process to resolve QuickBooks Error 3371


    The process that you should undertake to solve the QuickBooks error code 3371 is as follows:


    Step 1:

    ·       Use the Windows+R key to open the run window.

    ·       Now search for C:\ProgramData\Intuit\EntitlementClient\V8

    ·       Further in the location that you would reach, you would have to delete the ecml file and then close the Window.

    ·       After you have deleted the said file, start QuickBooks and then register the product again.


    Step 2:

    ·       Click on the Windows icon which can be found in the start button.

    ·       Now select the All Programs option and then further into Windows Update.

    ·       Once you are in the Windows Update option, click on ‘Check for Updates.’

    ·       After you have successfully installed the updates of Windows, reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop.


    Step 3:

    ·       After you have successfully installed all the available Windows update.

    ·       Create the ‘entitlementDataStore.ecml’ file again.

    ·       Now you should fix Microsoft.NET framework, MSXML, and C++ pitfalls by utilizing the QuickBooks install diagnostics tool.

    ·       Once you have completed the said steps, reinstall the software accurately.


    Now if you are unable to solve the error code 3371, you would then have to contact  QuickBooks Technical Support Number  The professionals here would accurately guide you through the complete process of how to solve the said error.



    Read More -  QuickBooks Support  


    Source URL: How to fix QuickBooks error 3371