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    How to fix Dell printer error code 024-910


    The printer has been considered to be one of the most important inventions of all time. Because of printers, people can get information and also spread news and messages. It is a very crucial piece of equipment and has made the lives of people everywhere very easy. And over the years, with the advancement in technology, companies all over the world have been producing many good printers which have increased competition in the market. And among these, Dell is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of printers. These printers are affordable, comes in all shapes and sizes and are effective for everyday printing work. But leaving aside all its features and productivity, it does have certain errors that come with the advent of time. One such error is error code 024-910. This error occurs when there is no conformity between the paper set and the required paper. But this problem can be easily fixed as long as you apply the proper method or technique to it. If you want to know how you can safely resolve this problem, you can continue with this blog or, you can take the help from experts by calling Dell customer service.

    When this error happens it will stop the processing of the printer and it will affect the quality or the product of the print. To solve this error code problem you need to perform some steps which aren’t hard to understand and to execute. You will be provided with these steps in the point below, so follow them accordingly and try not to miss out on any one of these steps.

    ØFirstly, you need to examine the error. Know that it is related to the load tray and occurs because of dissimilarity between the required paper and the paper set.

    ØNow you must check the paper present sensor to make sure it is not damaged or anything.

    ØAlso, make sure to print a settings report.

    ØTry enabling the substitute tray option. Setting it to the nearest size will initiate the printing on the available paper.

    ØExamine the paper size and the typesetting.

    ØAlso, check the print driver size and the typesetting along with application size and the typesetting.

    These are the steps you can try to apply while handling the error on a Dell printer. If these fail to deliver, you can contact Dell technical supportto get help from expert employees.



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    How to Set Up Wireless Printing on a Dell


    The wireless printing has now become the modern day trend and almost all of the printers are opting for it. The manufacturers of Dell have also not left behind themselves on this route and has embellished themselves with wireless printing features that enable you to print from your comfort zone with the help of a smartphone. It is considered a very useful device by many people due to its compact design, budget-friendly cost and smart features. It provides high-quality print and you will be amazed to see the results. If you are a new user and is struggling with how to set up wireless printing on Dell, then you can move ahead. This blog will surely try to help by providing you with simplified steps and making it much easier for you. But, if by any chance you feel the need for technical assistance, then you can very well contact the Dell customer service as per your convenience.

    The steps are given in the most simplified manner so that you face with no difficulty. Make sure that you do not miss out or hamper with any step, otherwise, you will not be able to get the desired result.

    Follow these steps if you want to set up wireless printing with an installation CD

    vSwitch on your printer and the computer which is connected to the wireless network

    vA  Software and Documentation CD must have been provided to you when you bought your Dell printer. Look for it in the box, or where you might have kept it and insert it into your computer's disc drive.

    vAccept the terms and conditions of your licensing agreement and follow the directions as guided to you by the software.

    vNow connect the USB cable of the printer to your computer when the on-screen instructions ask you for. If ask to disconnect follow the same.

    vNow complete the installation process as directed and align the printer and set up the cartridges.

    Follow these steps if you want to set up wireless printing using Microsoft Windows:

    vClick on the start button and after that opt for the control panel

    vNow choose for Devices and Printers from the Control Panel and select it by a double-click.

    vNow select the option of adding a wireless printer

    vSelect your default printer from the list and click Ok


    If you feel lost or confused at any point, then you can always contact the Dell technical support without any hesitation. The number will connect you with expert professionals who will help you to deal with the issue. The number is toll-free, so it won’t cost you a penny and is available 24 hours around the clock.



    Source URL: How to Set Up Wireless Printing on a Dell

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    How to install windows 8 on Dell computer


    Dell computers are compatible with Windows OS every version, but the most suitable Windows version for Dell computer is Windows 8. If you want to know the steps to install Windows 8 on Dell computer, then read this blog or you can call on Dell customer service.

    Steps to install Windows 8 in Dell computer

    1.  ce then press Enter.


    Option 2.


    If you find that, your computer supports UEFI BIOS. Then press F2 key again and again, until the System Setup comes on the screen.


    After that follow these steps:

    ØDepending on the BIOS type, scroll up and down in the page and find Boot Section. Make sure the following:

    o   Boot mode is set to UEFI.

    o   Disable the Secure Boot mode.

    o   In the order of boot devices,

    Either CD/DVD/CDRW or Internal ODD Device should be the first item in the list.

    ØSave all the changes and come out from the system setup, then restart the computer.

    Then the Windows setup will appear on the computer screen.

    2.    Select the language you are comfortable with to install, Time and currency format, and the input method. Then click on Next.

    3.    Then choose to Install Now. Then the screen will ask for the Product Key.

    4.    Find the Product key (25 character sequence) and enter in the required box and click on Next to continue.

    5.    Then accept the license agreement and continue.

    6.    Then choose the type of installation you want, the custom installation will be the better option. Ensure to make a backup of all the data in your computer, because this process will erase all the data.

    7.    Then the windows will be freshly installed when the installation will be in the last stage, the computer will restart several times. This may take a while to complete the installation.

    Now, you know the whole process to install Windows 8 on a Dell computer. These steps are quite complicated, so for any instance, if you feel like help then call on Dell technical support.


    Source URL: How to install windows 8 on Dell computer

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    How to fix the issue of Dell printer driver not working properly


    Out of the vast range of printer available in the present world, Dell Printer finds its way in the list of most used printer across the world with lots of exciting features. Along with the features and benefit we enjoy while using Dell printer there is some problem too which we witness. There can be various reasons because of which your Dell Printer is not able to communicate with your computer but the most common reason which is faced by the user often is because of the driver issue. To resolve any kind of issue regarding Dell Printer you can always contact Dell customer service where the team of highly trained professionals is available 24x7.

    Dell printer driver can experience issues because of an outdated driver. There are few ways in which you can update the drivers:

    1.     Update the Dell printer driver manually

    ·        Open the Control Panel and click the device manager.

    ·        Locate your Printer device and after the right click, you can find “Update Driver software’.

    ·        Pop up window will show 2 options always use this option ‘Search automatically for driver software’.

    2.     Windows update can be used to update driver

    ·        In the start menu, you will find the setting.

    ·        Windows update menu can be found under ‘Update & Security’

    ·        Check for the updates, if an update for the driver is available click on Install updates.

    3.     Update the Dell printer driver automatically

    If you lack the patience to update the driver manually just follow these steps to update it automatically-:

    ·        You need to download and install Driver Easy software

    ·        Run the software to check for the driver to be updated.

    ·        Click the Update button next to your printer name.

    If you are still encountering any problem in updating the driver then feel free to connect anytime with the support team and you can dialDell technical support for the much-needed advice to resolve the issue. They are available round the clock to help the users who are facing any problem while fixing the issue of Dell printer Driver.


    Source URL: Dell printer driver not working properly

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    How can you resolve the hassles of Dell Products


    Dell Corporation was founded by Michel Dell in 1983. Since that time this company has been providing hi-quality products. This is a computer technology company situated in Round, Texas, America. Products manufactured by the Dell Corporation are Computer and its related products. However, users face a problem with Dell products they can find a solution via tech support. Through Dell customer care customers can find the exact solution for issues. You don’t need to take tension if having issues, because customer care is always here to troubleshooting.

    Technical issues related to Dell products:

    vLaptop hanging issue

    vThe Dell computer turned off & won’t turned on.

    vBlue screen error with Dell laptop

    vUsers of Dell computer battery problem

    vInstallation problem with Dell printer

    vTrouble to replace the ink cartridge

    vPrinter spooler won’t turn on

    vPrinter stopped a color printing job

    How can you fix the issues of Dell products?

    There are plenty of issues faced by the Dell users. That’s why to fix the technical issuesrelated to Dell tech support team is always ready. Through Dell customer support users can reach to customer care. Service of customer care of Dell is 24 X 7 available for its all users.



    Source URL: How can you resolve the hassles of Dell Products

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    How to fix Dell error code 2000-0122



    Dell laptops have been amazing throughout the generations. They have been given a symbol of reputation in the world market to which they provide all the cool products full of innovations and this has allowed them to achieve a very big customer base. But yes we can’t deny the fact that how big the company is they will always have some or the other glitch. Same happens with Dell’s products. But be it an error or a big problem, Dell customer service will always be there to help you at each and every step.


    It might happen with you that once you opened your laptop and see an error that says, error 2000-0122. What does that mean? You must be wondering how to fix it, but worry not all of your doubts and questions will be answered here in this blog. Moreover, this error is very common with Dell users and the reason for this is the hardware issue.


    This is one of the errors that should be taken care of as soon as possible. The error only occurs at times when your RAM is failing all its tests. In this, you will have to consult an expert because this problem is big as well as a bit complicated to fix. But still, if you find yourself technically well sound then you can follow the steps listed below so that your problem gets fixed for good. Although it is a 3 steps process you will still have to be very careful while dealing with it.


    The steps are listed below:


    ·        Firstly you will have to try and locate the RAM. Then you will have to locate the RAM modules and check that they have been connected well. Because improper connection can lead to this error.


    ·        Secondly, if the connection is looking fine, just remove all the plugs and reinsert them, because sometimes it happens that you are unable to see the problem. If you are having about 2 sticks of RAM that are installed in the desktop then remove one of them and let the other one intact. If even after this the problem is still the same remove. Then do the same with other RAM. If you still fail, you might need a new RAM.


    ·        The third step will include the diagnostic steps. You will have to diagnose the RAM.


    You can always get in touch with an expert using the Dell technical support. Because they will give you all the assistance you need.




    Source URL: How to fix Dell error code 2000-0122

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    How to fix Dell computer not turning on or booting


    Dell computers are known for their high tech and innovative designs which make it a popular product in the market. But keeping aside the look and features of Dell and focusing more on its issues, customers have found that Dell computers come with a fair share of issues and technical problems. These issues can be fixed manually from home but some may require the assistance of experts. If you would like to know about Dell, its features and its common problems then contact Dell Customer Support. The employees at the end of the line will provide you with all the information you want about Dell computers.

    Sometimes you may face a problem regarding Dell computers. The computers might not turn on and it might not even boot up while trying to. This is a problem that can be fixed by doing a hard reset. So if you are facing such a problem at the moment and if you want to know how to perform a hard reset on Dell computers then follow the instruction below:

    ØTurn off your Dell PC.

    ØDisconnect the AC adapter or power cord and remove the battery

    Ø Disconnect all external devices like USB cords, printer cables, media cords etc.

    ØPress and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds in order to drain out the residual power.

    ØConnect the AC adapter, power cord and insert the battery.

    By following these steps you will be able to get your computer going and working just like before. However, if your computer still is not working or would not boot, then it is advised that customer should run a hardware diagnostics. By running this the pc will detect what type of problem it is and will provide appropriate steps to troubleshoot it.

    If you don’t know how to run a hardware diagnostic then you can call Dell Tech Support. The team at this dell support will attend to you and will provide you the steps or instructions on how to initiate a hardware diagnostics.



    Source URL: Dell computer not turning on or booting

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    How to resolve error code 2000 0142 on Dell laptop


    The Dell laptops are the common electronic device which has been used by most of the population in the world. The reason for being too popular over the global level is its amazing quality, interface, and cheap rate compared to other brands. Yet somehow users of Dell laptop stuck in trouble with it like error code 2000 0142 on their laptop. In this critical situation, you can connect to the skilled techies for troubleshooting. Dial Dell customer care number 1-844-794-2515 that is always available for resolving the snags of laptop hiccups. You can try this toll-free number and connect to the team of experts so that you can fix the error just in a jiffy.

    Troubleshooting procedure to resolve error code 2000 1042 on Dell laptop:-

    1.    You will have to start the Dell laptop by double click.

    2.    Check if the hard disk is faulty, if you found that the hard disk is faulty then you can replace it.

    3.    Reinstall your windows whether it is windows 8 or windows 10. Clean installation of windows can fix your issues that appear with Dell laptop.

    4.    Install an antivirus and then run this antivirus to remove the virus from your Dell printer.

    5.    Now replace the hardware of your Dell laptop, if the hardware is faulty.

    When you will follow all the steps and you will able to fix the snags of your Dell laptop then you can continue your work. But what if you failed to resolve the laptop error code 2000 1042 through the above-given steps? You should try this Dell customer service and you can connect to the skilled and trained experts of customer support. When the experts of the customer care team are available all the time then you can sort out any kind of trouble within the short time duration. The service of customer care is 365x24x7 active so that you can anytime reach to the customer care executives of Dell laptop and ask them to fix the issues as soon as possible.


    Source URL: How to resolve error code 2000 0142 on Dell laptop

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