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    How to fix Dell laptop error code 0123

    By: dellsupportcare Posted in:
    How to fix Dell laptop error code 0123

    Dell laptops are one of the chiefly used products of Dell. This company always creates best in class products according to the increasing demands of customers and changing technology. But sometimes, Dell laptops specifically become a headache for the users when they start to show some or other error codes. And among many, error code 0123 is the most common one. If you are looking for a possible solution for this same code then it is advised to take help from Dell customer care number 1-844-794-2515 that can be reached at any time of the day.

    The error code 0123 arises at the time of operating because of the dropped laptop, clogged heat sinks or any hardware issues. Motherboard or memory failure can be other reasons too behind the occurrence of this error code. For fixing this error you can also try the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

    Steps to troubleshoot Dell laptop error 0123

    Method 1: Check for the hard drive

    ·        Click the windows command prompt and type ‘chkdisk’ and press enter

    ·        Windows will repair any flaw

    ·        Click F2 which will let you enter the BIOS setup menu

    Method 2: Try Diagnostic Process

    ·        Click on F12 and select the Diagnostics option

    ·        Detect and repair any faulty hardware

    Method 3: Perform Manual repair

    ·        Open the anti-spyware plan

    ·        Check the computer and allow the scan to perform

    ·        Once done, reboot the Dell laptop to save the changes

    However it is quite common to get errors in Dell laptops, but you can prevent future errors from being aroused by taking some precautionary steps. Like you must always check the battery of your laptop, keep the RAM light and delete any unwanted files or folder time to time.

    In any case, even after performing the methods, if the error code still occurs, then try connecting with Dell customer service, where the skilled team of technical experts will provide you with the most useful solution to fix the error from occurring the next time. The technicians are very knowledgeable in terms of information related to all Dell laptop issues and their appropriate solutions. There is no need to hesitate in taking help from them.


    Source URL: How to fix Dell laptop error code 0123