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  • How to Fix Verizon Error Code 9001



    Verizon has become a reliable and trusted name in the communication world and provide a completely satisfying service to the users at a greater extent. It helps you to enjoy the uninterrupted and service for a longer time. However, everyone knows that that technical tools are impossible to become unaffected by the error or issues, and Verizon is also one of the most prominent that is unable to avoid 100% issues.

    Verizon error code 9001 is such an issue that may appear during the voice mail service use and occurring the issue is resultant of failure of voicemail application. This issue can be solved easily, and this blog will help you to get rid of the issue. You can also contact at  Verizon Customer Care   to get the easy solution.


    Reasons behind Verizon error code 9001:


    There may be several elements that can cause this error and ruin your Verizon experience. To get an easy solution, you need to focus on the root cause of the issue. So here you can find some possible reasons behind the issue:

    ØRemoved or deleted files while upgrading the system

    ØBooting procedure that can delete the wireless communication and become the reason behind the missing notification button

    ØSwitching the phone data and airplane mode simultaneously can also cause the issue

    ØErrors in network settings may create issue in Verizon

    ØProviding a wrong account name or password may lead you into this trouble


    Easy steps to fix the Verizon error 9001:


    Now you are aware of the reasons and root causes that may be responsible for the issue. It will help you to fix the issue easily that will be done nicely with these proven steps:


    For Android users:


    The problem can be varied according to the operating system of the phone, so if you are an Android user, follow these solutions:

    1.    As it was mentioned earlier that the failure of voice mail could create the issue. So you need to fix this. This situation may occur when you accidentally press the airplane mode button. Now you need to slid oven the screen and find the airplane mode option. Once you get it, you have to turn it off.

    2.    In another attempt, you can go to the voicemail and try to sign in afresh — this time you need to make sure that you enter a correct username and password. If everything is okay, then you can access Verizon smoothly.


    For iPhone users:


    IPhone users access iOS to operate their phone and need different solutions to fix the issue. So if you are an iPhone user, then follow these solutions:


    1.    You need to go to the settings of your phone and tap on general settings. Now go to the about page and navigate the Carrier options. Then by installing it to remove any pending information, you will solve your issue.

    2.    In another solution, you need to go to the settings of the iPhone and then Cellular option. Here you need to find the Cellular data option. Now tap on it to turn the data on, and then restart your device. You can easily solve your issue.


    Now you can also contact at Verizon Tech Support Number  to get the easy solution with the perfect professional approach and expert technicians.


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    Source URL: How to Fix Verizon Error Code 9001




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    How to Reset Verizon Email Account Password


    Verizon email is one of the most popular email services in the United States. Although Verizon Communications retired, their email service users can still access their accounts using an alternate email service, such as Yahoo or AOL mail. The process to sign-in remains the same, i.e., users need to type their full email address, including "@verizon.net," along with the correct password to access their accounts.


    Your username and password are important features that are essential to keep your Verizon account secure. Cyber security experts recommend changing or email password at least once every six months so as to improve security. This article will give you an overview on how to reset your Verizon email password so that you can protect your data. If you need help with any other security issue related to your email account, you call the Verizon Customer Care   and ask for additional technical assistance to fix the problem.


    Steps to reset Verizon email password (Password Known)


    If you remember your current Verizon email password the process to reset it is relatively straightforward. As long as you know your current login credentials you can follow the instructions below to change your Verizon email password:


    ·       Step 1: Open your browser and sign in to your Verizon account

    ·       Step 2: Navigate to the account settings from the main menu

    ·       Step 3: Open the security settings and select ‘Change Password.’

    ·       Step 4: Enter your current password in the field provided

    ·       Step 5: Click on the next filed and type a new password for your Verizon account

    Once you receive confirmation that your password is changed, you can close the browser and sign in to your email account using your new Verizon email password.


    Steps to reset Verizon email password (Forgot Password)


    If you need to reset your password because you do not remember your current email password the steps will be different since you will need to verify your identity before you can change the password. You can refer to the steps given below to reset your Verizon email password using the ‘Forgot Password’ option:


    ·       Step 1: Go to the Verizon email webpage and click ‘Forgot Password.’

    ·       Step 2: Enter your username and select the recovery method (mail/phone)

    ·       Step 3: Enter the mobile number linked to your Verizon email account

    ·       Step 4: Click ‘Yes’ to allow Verizon to send you a verification code

    ·   ernate email address to verify your identity and then reset your Verizon password. If you have any trouble resetting the password you can call the Verizon Tech Support Number  and consult a certified expert to troubleshoot the problem. Verizon exerts are available 24 hours a day to help you solve any error you may encounter while using Verizon email.


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    Source URL: How to Reset Verizon Email Account Password


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    How do I set up Verizon email on my iPhone


    Verizon email services are superbly advanced and innovative to protect your best interests in email communication and manage your requirements in a unique and quality manner. It has a lot to offer the variety of users understanding their needs. Now if you want to get the Verizon email service, you easily create an account. It can be accessed on all the devices easily such as on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. If you want to setup Verizon email on your iPhone, you can do so by following some simple steps. It can be easily accessed on the iPhone with some easy settings function that you have to change in your phone setting to make it compatible with the Verizon emails. If you want to get the expert solution you can call at Verizon Customer Support  and get the most prominent solutions within minutes.


    Easy steps to setup Verizon email on iPhone:


    iPhones are quite sophisticated devices that serve its users in an advanced manner that give them easy access to all its features to provide discontinuous services. Now if you want to setup Verizon email account on your iPhone you need to follow these simple steps:

    ·       Go the home screen of your iPhone and tap on the “Settings” icon

    ·       Once you get into the settings, scroll down and select “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.”

    ·       Then select “Add account” option and tap on “Other.”

    ·       Going into the “Add mail account” you need to fill this information

    üYou name

    üYour Verizon email address

    üYour password

    üAnd description as “Verizon.”

    ·       Now go to the POP3 incoming mail server and fill this information as provided

    üHostname: incoming.verizon.net

    üUsername: email

    üPassword: your Verizon email password

    ·       Then fill this information going to the outgoing mail server option

    üHostname: outgoing.verizon.net

    üUsername: email

    üPassword: your Verizon password

    ·       Now click on the “Save” button

    ·       Select your email address

    ·       Going down you get the outgoing mail server option where you need to select SMTP

    üUnder the “Main server” option find a match this information as provided

    üSSL: ssl

    üServer port: 465

    ·       Then back to the previous screen and select the “Advanced” option

    ·       Find these settings as mentioned:

    üSSL: SSL

    üServer port: incoming.verizon.net

    ·       Now you are done, go to the home screen and restart your iPhone device.

    Once you perform these settings changes, you can easily access your Verizon email account on iPhone. However, there could be some other reasons that prevent you from doing so depending upon specific circumstances. If you are still getting those issues, you can contact at  Verizon Customer Care Number  and remove your issue with some simple steps.


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    Source URL: Set up Verizon email on my iPhone


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    Recover Hacked Verizon Email Account


    The Internet has a lot to offer to it users and keep it quite engaging for a user but in some cases, due to some malicious activities you may get stuck into some critical situation and email account hacking is such an issue. If talk about Verizon email so it is known for its tightened security that provides complete assurance of secured email service. Despite that, you may get such a situation when you feel that you have been hacked. In this situation, you need to call at  Verizon Tech Support   for prominent support and complete guidance. But before you do anything look at some of the points mentioned below to make it confirmed that you have actually been hacked.


    Some symptoms to know you have been hacked:

    Verizon email hacking is not common and happens in some rare cases. Now if you see some irregularities and inappropriate actions in your email your account may have been hacked. But you need to be sure to take any action to recover your account. Now check these symptoms to make it clear that your account has been hacked.

    ·        People start getting spams from your email account

    ·        You stop receiving any email

    ·        You may start receiving a lot of mailer daemon messages for such emails that you never have sent

    ·        You start getting strange emails from strange email addresses

    ·        You may be getting emails about bonanza or winning prizes etc.

    How to recover your hacked Verizon hacked account:

    Now you have learned about the symptoms and after make it confirm that your email account behaving in the same manner as hacked email account perform. Then you can initiate the process of recovering your account through some easy steps.

    1.     Change your email password:

    You can reduce the risk of the further compromising situation by changing your password. So you have to make all the computers or devices that you are using verify your account. Then you have to change your password again and choose a strong one using the symbols and number in your password.

    2.     Update your account security question:

    The security questions work as the gateway for your email account that prevents any malicious activities in your account. Now you have to update your security question and make it hard enough to guess.

    3.     Make your computer secured:

    Once you get hacked your computer also become vulnerable due to some malware and virus get into your system. Now you have to secure your computer by performing a complete scan using the installed antivirus software installed in your computer.

    4.     Update the settings of your email account:

    Now you need to go to the settings of your email account and check these points mentioned below to make it updated:

    ·        Review your Email signature and remove any unknown content

    ·        Go to your listed email accounts and select the “Edit” option to get the details of listed accounts where you can check for any unknown entry and remove it.

    ·        Find the “Vacation Response” option and disable it.

    ·        You need to check blocked address and remove any unexpected blocked email address from the list.

    ·        At last, make a quick review of your saved contacts and find nay strange entry and remove it.

    Now you have learned some quality information to make your account recovered and protected from further hacking activities. Once you get hacked your important data and files put on risk so you are required to take quick actions. In case you have any question or another issue you can contact at Verizon Technical Support Number 
    where you will be getting prominent support and complete guidance.


    Read More -  Verizon Support   

    Source URL   Recover Hacked Verizon Email Account

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    Verizon Tech Support-How to Fix Common Verizon Email Login Problem


    How to Fix Common Verizon Email Login Problem


    Verizon email is meant to meet with the expectations of users at a greater extent and provide a complete secured environment of electronic communication with your friends or groups. You may have found it easy to use all the mesmerizing features of Verizon emails and get easy access to your emails all the time. However, you may get some login issues that bother you from time to time and make you stop performing your important work on time. In such cases, you should call at   Verizon Tech Support   


    and get fixed easily. In this article, you can also find some easy steps to resolve your issues.


    Easy solution to fix Verizon email login issue

    Verizon email login issues are most common that occurs frequently. However here are some proven techniques to fix this issue. You only need to follow these steps carefully:

    Solution 1.You need to make sure that the problem is not connected with your browser. Check your browser for blocked websites and if you find AOL link there, you need to remove it. You can also try to log in from another browser to make sure the problem is not associated with your browser.

    Solution 2.The most common cause of occurring the log in issue is your internet connection. If your internet connection is not stable and fluctuating you may not be able to log in your Verizon email account smoothly. You have to make it sure that you have a good internet connection with high quality speed.

    Solution 3.There are many instances when you get bothered and unable to log in and after some exhausting time you spent on the internet you find out that problem was simple and you were using the wrong username or password. So before looking for any solution on the internet you have to make sure that you are entering a correct username and password.

    Solution 4.If you are still not able to solve your log in issue with your Verizon email account, you need to reset your Verizon email password. To proceed you need to follow these steps:

    ·        Open your browser and go to the login page of Verizon

    ·        Now you can see “Forgot the password” then click on it

    ·        Now you will have two option “email” and “phone number” to choose to get the link to reset password

    ·        After selecting any of this option you will get a verification message

    ·        Enter your personal information to verify the ownership of your account

    ·        Then it will redirect to your password reset page

    ·        Now you can create a strong password and click “Save changes”

    ·        Try to open your Verizon account with the new password.

    Get the Verizon email support for further assistance:

    If you are getting frustrated and yet not have a permanent solution to solve the login issue, you need to call at Verizon Technical Support Number   You will get a permanent solution and a perfect solution with some easy steps to resolve your problem. The perfect guidance will save your time and make you able to log in with your Verizon account.

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    Source URL:   Verizon email login problem



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    Verizon FiOS Self-Installation- Verizon Contact Number 1-877-226-6053


    This blog will help you provide with all kinds of necessary requirements and instructions that are needed for Verizon FiOS self-installation. But before you begin the process, you will be required to disconnect all existing TV equipment that is available in your home. The items that you will need for the installation process are FiOS router and power cord, cables and connectors, the router model which you had received and digital adaptor and a cable card. You can read the step by step instructions for the self-installation process. Since this is a bit of a complex process, so it is advised that you take the help of   Verizon Technical Support  whenever the need arises.


    Step 1- Setting up the FiOS Router

    ·        Connect the Coax cable to the FiOS router to a power plug.

    ·        If you are using the Wired Internet setup, then connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the computer.

    ·        The light will turn on and will be white once activated. This process will take up to 5-6 minutes.

    ·        If you have a wireless router, then look for the Wi-Fi label under the Wireless network name and Wireless password.

    ·        Select the network name and password when prompted for connection.

    Step 2- Configuring the video media server setup

    It is recommended that this server setup is configured to your house main television.

    ·        Connect the coax cable to the video media server.

    ·        Then connect the HDMI cable to your television port.

    ·        And after that connect the power cord from the video media server to the power supply.

    ·        Now switch on the video media server and then the TV. Now follow the instructions as guided on the television using the FiOS remote.

    Step 3- Doing the media client setup

    It is a step which is preferred and needs to be done with HDMI cable.

    ·        Firstly, connect the coax cable to the media client.

    ·        Now connect the HDMI cable to the television.

    ·        Lastly, connect the power cord to the main supply.

    ·        Firstly make sure that the media server setup has been installed, then move to this step.

    Step 4- Digital adaptor and cable card setup

    ·        Follow the same steps for connecting the digital adaptor to your television.

    ·        To activate it, switch on the button on the digital adaptor by pressing the set-top box button on the remote control.

    ·        Switch on the television and with the help of FiOS remote, tune in to channel 3.

    For installing the cable card and configuring its setup, get in touch with the   Verizon Customer Service Number  

      and reach out for their help. The experts will assist you in the process making sure that the self-installation process is complete.


    Read More -       Verizon Contact Number      

    Source URL: Verizon FiOS Self-Installation

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    Verizon Tech Support - Best Tech Support Service in USA



    Verizon unable to receive email notifications



    Not able to receive Verizon email notification on your device! This is the most irritating moment when you are waiting for an important mail but yet not getting any notification. So what to do in that critical scenario? Get in touch with trained and skilled techies via Verizon Technical Support      in order to find their help. When you will share your email error with them you will find their instant assistance for troubleshooting.


    Fix the Verizon email notification not receiving the error:

    If you are not receiving the email notification that means you need to change some settings of your device as well as Verizon email. Let’s how you can do it and be able to receive the Verizon email notification once again.

    Update the email address: Your email address need to update if you are not receiving the notification. Click on change email address and enter new email account over here. Then click on the option update it.


    Select the Verizon mail as a preference on your email app: On the email app, if your Verizon email is not selected as preferable mail. Then you need to change the settings and click on Verizon mail as preferable mail.

    Remove the do not disturb service from your device: Go to the settings of your device like a mobile phone. Now check if you have set the DND feature then you will need to remove it.

    Deleted junk mail: If your email storage is full or have a configuration error. You won’t be able to receive notification. So delete the junk and unnecessary emails to make space for upcoming email on Verizon mail account.

    When you have followed all the troubleshooting steps and yet the email snags remain the same. Call on Verizon Customer Service Number    which is 365x24x7 available. With the help of skilled technicians, you will able to resolve all kind of email snags all the time. You can anytime contact customer care and tell them for resolving the email issues. The service of the customer care team is 24x7 active on the call.


    Read More -    Verizon Toll Free Number  

    Source URL: Verizon unable to receive email notifications

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    Verizon Email login problem



    Email remains one of the most popular means of communication used today. Millions of people use their Email accounts to share business as well as personal messages. Thanks to the internet, users can send documents and pictures to their contacts anywhere in the world at any time. Due to the sensitive nature of the data shared via Email, Service providers take all the necessary steps to make sure user data is always kept private. If you ever have problems logging in to your account you should contact Verizon Email Customer Service Phone Numberas soon as possible just to make sure your Email account is not compromised. You can also go through the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article to resolve the login errors and secure your account.


    Steps to fix Verizon Email login problems


    ·        Logout and Login: Whenever you encounter a login error on your Verizon Email account the first thing you should do is simply close the website and try again after some time.

    ·        Web Settings: Sometimes when you use too many add-ons or extension it can disrupt your web settings. You can restore your general web settings to the original form and see if that can fix the login problem.

    ·        Browser Cache:  If too many cookies are stored on your browser then it could cause loading errors on the Verizon website which in turn could lead to login problems. You should clear the browser cache and try and login to your account again.

    ·        Password Problem: You will not be able to login to your Verizon Email account if you do not have the correct login credentials. If you are not sure about the login details you can reset your password online using the relevant recovery options.

    ·        Enable JavaScript: JavaScript is a programming language that is an essential part of web applications, without which many websites, including Verizon, will not load. You should check your browser settings to make sure JavaScript is enabled before you log in to your account.

    ·        Pop-up Settings: Your firewall and pop-up settings are important to help you enjoy a smooth and secure browsing experience. But sometime these settings could block Verizon and prevent you from logging in. You can try and temporarily disable the settings so that you can access your Verizon Email account.

    ·        Change the Browser: It is possible that the problem is not with your account or with your internet settings but with the browser. Verizon is designed to be compatible with most internet browsers. But if you are using an outdated browser then that could cause login errors. You should try and open Verizon using a different browser and see if the problem persists.

    If the steps mentioned above do not help you resolve the login errors you should contact Verizon Email Customer Support Phone Numberand speak to a trained professional about how to implement more advanced troubleshooting steps. The helpline is active 24 hours a day and experts are ready to give you the best possible solution for any Verizon Email error you may encounter.


    Source URL: Verizon Email Login Problem

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