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  • Category: customer service

    How to Set Up Verizon Email in Outlook


    As an Outlook user, you have the option of setting up different email accounts on your Outlook email program so that you can get easy access to those emails from wherever you want. Similarly, if you want to set up your Verizon email account so that it is functional with Outlook you need to add your Verizon account to Outlook. To know more about how to set Verizon email in Outlook you can either reach out to verizon customer service number or can read this blog.


    How to add Verizon Email in Outlook

    The steps which normal users have to follow for configuring your Verizon Email program into Outlook is provided below:

    ·        Launch the Outlook program on your desktop and go to the File menu

    ·        The drop-down list will appear on your computer screen and now you need to click on Add Account option  and then have to select ‘ Manual setup ‘ radio buttons

    ·        You need to choose the radio button of POP and IMAP and then hit on Next button

    ·        In the window that appears next, users need to fill the following information:

    cName- Enter that name which you want to show to your recipients

    cEmail Address- Your complete email address

    cAccount Type- Choose POP3

    cIncoming mail- pop.verizon.net

    cOutgoing mail-smtp.verizon.net       

    cUsername- Enter your Verizon username

    cPassword- Type your account password

    cClick on the checkbox of Remember Password

    ·        Now you need to click on the option of More Settings> Outgoing Server

    ·        Here you need to tick the checkbox which says My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

    ·        Don’t forget to select the checkbox ‘Use the same setting as incoming mail server’.

    ·        Go to the Advanced Tab and enter the following data:

    cIncoming Server (POP3) - 995

    cOutgoing Server (SMTP) – 465

    cBoth incoming and outgoing mail server requires a secure connection that is SSL, so click on the checkbox that is present there.

    ·        Now click on OK button to save the setting and you can choose to Test account setting option so as to make it certain that the setting done by you is correct or not.

    You can try sending test email so as to check whether your Verizon Email is working fine with Outlook. If there is any problem in sending or receiving emails then you are free to connect verizon tech support where technicians are present all day long to guide their respected clients.


    Source URL: How to Set Up Verizon Email in Outlook

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