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    How to make HP Computer run faster

    By: hpprintercustomersupport Posted in: Computer
    How to make HP Computer run faster


    HP is one of the oldest brands in the manufacturing of computers, laptops and other products. There are many active users of this company product especially computers. With the main focus on quality and technology rather than design, HP is the favorite brand of users. But there are times when this company computer tends to slow down with time and usage. But you can always fix the issue of a slow running computer with the help of HP Printer Customer Care, where the technicians will provide you support in solving the issue.



    First, you need to analyze the main cause of your device running at a turtle’s speed. There can be many reasons like device needing update, hardware issues, any program or software leading to slow processing or some other. You can also try to rectify the problem by performing some troubleshooting steps yourself that are given in this blog.

    Solution: Fixing HP computer running slow

    Review startup list and remove unnecessary items

    üClick start > run > type ‘msconfig

    üSelect ‘startup’ tab

    üScroll through the list and deselect the applications that you don’t need anymore.

    üRestart your computer

    Clean up Malware from the device

    üDownload an anti-malware app to remove the existing malware from the device

    üDouble click the software you need to download and follow on-screen instructions

    üUpdate the antivirus application if you already have one as this can be the reason behind the slow running of the device.

    üRun a complete scan of your system and remove infections.

    üTry to update and scan your computer at least once in a week to prevent any virus and maintain performance.



    Defragment your hard drive

    üClick start > programs > Accessories and select system tools. Click ‘Disk Defragmenter

    üClick analyze to allow the utility to scan your drive to determine if defragmenting is required or not

    üIf required, click defragment to begin the process

    With these solutions, you can fix the issue. In case you feel taking help of experts then reach out to HP Printer Technical Support Number, which can be contacted at any time of the day.





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    Source URL: How to make HP Computer run faster