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    How to burn files on HP Computer

    By: hpsupportcare Posted in: Technology
    How to burn files on HP Computer

    HP computer works very well that’s why it has used by millions of users across the world. But its prolonged use can cause some glitches like the computer run slowly or even more. Instead of dual with issues of your computer, you should find its solution. Ring HP technical support numberand reach out to the trained professionals of customer care. You can simply find a solution for all kind of error related to HP products via HP customer care number 1-800-234-6190. If you don’t know how to burn files on HP computer and want to do it, just perform the steps described below one by one.

    Step 1:

    First of all, place a blank CD into the CD burner of the HP computer.

    Step 2:

    Now you will get two options if AutoRun will open then click on “Burn Files to Disc.” But if it doesn’t open then click on the icon of “My Computer” on the desktop.

    Step 3:

    Then click on the CD in the CD burner to open.

    Step 4:

    After this, the folder will open which contains the files which one you want to burn in a restored window.

    Step 5:

    Select and highlights the files to drag it into the CD window.

    Step 6:

    Tap on the option “Burn to disc” and then burn wizard will open soon.

    Step 7:              

    If you don’t want to format the disc before burning it, then just click on “Mastered.” Wait for a while because it takes some time.

    Step 8:

    When you will be asked for “Disc title” name the disc in the box & tap to the fastest recording speed. To burn the disc click on the option “Next.” After completing the burning process the disc will automatically eject from the CD burner of the HP computer.

    Finally, you are capable to follow the steps and burn the files on your computer. Hope, you won’t be confused but if you just get help through customer care team. You can dial the HP customer service number and find a solution for your issues. The technical team of customer care is avail to resolve your all issues just in limited time duration. Service of HP customer care is 24 X 7 avail without any interruption.


    Source URL: How to burn files on HP Computer