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    How to troubleshoot Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 10) in HP Laptops

    By: hpsupportcare Posted in: Technology
    How to troubleshoot Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 10) in HP Laptops

    HP Laptops have emerged and developed with time as a widely used laptops. And if HP Laptops are embedded with Windows 10 OS then it will be boom for the computer industry as both are known for its advanced technology. Being the most high-tech device doesn’t mean it does not have any flaws in it. HP Laptops and computers too have system and performance hitches which can hamper the task and mood of the users. For rectifying these faults you must interact with technical executives via HP customer support number 1-800-234-6190 which is accessible round the clock i.e. 24x7 throughout the day to assist their valued customer.

    Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows OS which has a much better user interface and great accessibility but it too had glitches. One such complication is an issue with Wi-Fi and Wireless Network connection. In order to fix this just go through below-mentioned guidelines:

    How to troubleshoot wireless network

    qCheck button for wireless

    Most HP laptops come with the keyboard key to turn on the wireless signal. Make sure that this button is turned on if it does not then try turning on.

    qUpdate Wireless driver

    Be ensure that the device driver of Wireless network is up-to-date.

    üOpen Device Manager >Network Adapters

    üSelect the name of your Wireless adapter and click on update driver

    üClick to search for any available update for the device driver.

    üIf an update is there try to install it by following on-screen instructions

    qRun Auto Troubleshoot

    Run troubleshoot for a wireless network which can reveal the problem with your internet connection. It will automatically search for the error and will notify you of the issue.

    qRe-install Wireless Adapter

    üLocate Network Adapter in the Device Manager

    üThen choose the name of your wireless network and uninstall it

    üAfter uninstalling, scan for new hardware. The HP Laptop will detect your network adapter and begin to install it. Once it is done restart the system.

    If these troubleshooting steps do not work out for you then you must get in touch with HP customer service number reachable 24x7. The professionals will provide the feasible solution in minimum limited time to fix the issue and they're by maintaining the customer satisfaction.


    Source URL: Fix troubleshoot wireless network and Internet in HP Laptops