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  • How to Install HP laserJet 1020 drivers on Mac

    By: katsmith Posted in: computer
    How to Install HP laserJet 1020 drivers on Mac


    HP laserjet is not just the pack of drivers that is very useful and easy to intall. It is also an essential download to get the most out of your printer.

    HP has provided these drivers for its users to enhance the performance of the printer and scanner. But you can download  and install it on your Mac OS X snow leopard, lio and mountain lion (10.6, 10.7, 10.8).

    Just follow these instruction to download and install the HP laserJet 1020 drivers on your Mac:

    ·       Firstly don’t forget to turn off and unplug your printer connected to your system (This download includes the latest HP printing and scanning software OS X, Mountail lion and OS lion).

    ·       Then download the drivers form any website which you like ( there are some very large files so it will take some time).

    ·    our system are successfully updated.

    ·       When you see that the drivers are updated plugin the printer and start it. Then connect the printer with your Mac computer.

    ·       Next step for you is that you go to the settings of your computer through control panel and go to system preferances.

    ·       Choose printer and fax then press the + sign to add the printer and choose HP laserJet 1020 printer .

    If this doesn’t work you can call the  HP printer customer care number or follow this another method:

    ·       Turn off and unplug the printer connected to your system.

    ·       Dowload and install the latest HP laserJet 1020 drivers on your Mac computer.

    ·       go to the start and choose control panel and go to the printer setup utility.

    ·       Choose HP laserJet 1022

    ·       Download the .dmg file  and save it in the drivers folder.

    ·       Go to the library amd click on the receipts and delete any files for HP laserJet 1020.

    ·       Go to the printer setup utility agin and delete any file for HP 1020.

    ·       After that run the .dmg file you have downloaded. It will be labeled as HP laserJet 1022 but run it anyway.

    ·       Turn and connect the printer.

    ·       Go to the system preferances and choose printer and fax.

    ·       Select HP laserJet 1020 and press the add button.

    If still you are facing the problem in installing the drivers them call the HP printer tech support number.

    Read more: HP Printer support phone number

    Source URL: How to Install HP laserJet 1020 drivers on Mac