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  • Fix Most Common Problem of AOL Desktop Gold

    By: stephenbellusa Posted in: technology
    Fix Most Common Problem of AOL Desktop Gold


    Do you hate AOL Gold issues, for example, login problems, not working issue, AOL recovery password problem, or AOL mail issues? At that point, find a solution to all these most common Aol Desktop Gold issues in this guide!

    All those who are troubled by AOL Gold issues, as…

    • AOL Gold install problem/AOL Error code 104
    • Desktop Gold Sign-in Problem
    • AOL Gold not working/reacting
    • Desktop Gold icon vanished or not working appropriately
    • AOL Mail Issues
    • AOL Password recovery issues

    Should read ahead for the most important and outright solution.

    AOL Gold download error/AOL Error code 104 Here – Fix it

    While downloading Desktop gold, if your PC/laptop:

    • The screen shows an error message “AOL Error 104”,
    • System freezes for a few seconds or WindThe screens keep running far slowly
    • At that point, you have to concentrate on and resolve the AOL Gold download issue. What’s more, to do as such,
    • Run a scanner tool on your laptop or PC, as here and there malware undermines window system files. Subsequently, influencing all programs download and installation.
    • Other than this, clean all junk documents in your PC as once in a while space shortfall is the real explanation behind Desktop gold download glitch.
    • System compatibility is critical for AOL Gold download and installation. In this way, do confirm and coordinate the base standard necessity of AOL Gold with your system.
    • To stay away from AOL error code 104, ensure you have refreshed and significant system drivers installed on your computer.

    In conclusion, on the off chance that you have rolled out specific improvements in the system settings, it’s savvy to lead system restoration.

    On the off chance that you aren’t a tech-savvy and need point by point ventures for these AOL Gold issues, refer the guide to fix Aol desktop gold download problem.

    AOL Desktop Gold Login Error- Know the Solution!

    During AOL Desktop Gold login, on the off chance that you see:

    • Messages with “Blerk”, “GAH”, or “ZOIDS” term,
    • Blank Screen subsequent to typing username and password, or
    • Your AOL Sign-in Screen disappears
    • It unmistakably demonstrates the AOL gold sign-in issue. In this way, you should fix it.
    • In the first place basic troubleshooting, clear all cache, cookies, history, and impressions put away in your PC/laptop.
    • In case, the AOL gold issues still hold on, go for the advanced troubleshooting (which, fluctuates as per the AOL sign-in issue).

    For example, to fix  Blerk error, change program or firewall settings of your computer. Thus, to dispose of ‘GAH’ glitch, enable Java Applets.

    Be that as it may, if AOL login screen disappears, reset the web settings of the program you are utilizing to sign-in AOL.

    In conclusion, to fix AOL black screen error, allow friendly URLs, change web settings, and enable Java scripting.

    Don’t WORRY! Indeed, in the event that you aren’t a PC nerd, you can at present play out these solutions with nitty-gritty steps in the guide to fix AOL sign-in issue.

    Read More: Aol Desktop Gold Technical Support