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  • How to Fix the Common Issues of Brother Printer?

    By: stephenbellusa Posted in: technology
    How to Fix the Common Issues of Brother Printer?

    Trouble printing from your PC can happen for different reasons. The most popular reason an arranged Brother machine may quit printing is that the association between the PC and the Brother Printer is lost. This can happen because of wrong settings or arrangement of the printer driver. There are a few essential investigating steps you can take to determine this issue.

    For troubleshooting purposes, disable any firewall programs that are running. When you can print, empower your firewall once more.

    Part 1: Verify the Brother Printer Is Powered On, and There Are No Errors

    * If the Status Drove isn’t lit, the Brother machine isn’t fueled on. Check that it is connected to a working outlet and any power changes are swung to the ON position.

    * Check the LEDs for any mistake lights. A model would be the Paper or Toner lights be lit. If the Driven’s demonstrate a mistake, troubleshoot to clear the issue showed.

    Part 2: Verify the Connection to the Router or Access Point

    Confirm that there is a protected association between the Brother printer and the switch or passage utilizing an Ethernet cable. If fundamental, reset the wire on both the passageway and the Brother printer.

    Part 3: Download and Run the Network Repair Utility:

    * Click here to download the utility

    * Make a brief envelope on your HDD [hard circle drive] as the area to spare the downloaded self-extracting file, e.g., C:\bro

    * Download the document to the temporary folder.

    * Once the download is finished, open the folder and double tap on the downloaded document to extract it. “net tool” organizer is created.

    * Open the “net tool” folder and double tap “BrotherNetTool.exe.”

    * Follow to the guidelines on the screen.

    * Continue to PART 4.

    NOTE: If at least two Brother printer of a similar model name is discovered, this utility can analyze one of these printers. It will be ideal if you kill other machines briefly then click “Retry.”

    Part 4: Verify Communication Between the Brother Printer and Computer

    1. Acquire the Machine’s Ip Address. on the Brother Printer:

    Press the GO button multiple times.

    The report will print. On Page 3, discover the machine’s IP address.

    2. Get the PC’s IP Address:

    On the PC, click Begin => Run (or in the Begin Inquiry line).

    Type: CMD and press ENTER or Click Ok. A command incite window will open.

    Type: IPCONFIG and press ENTER.

    You thought to get data about your PC’s system connection. Make a note of the IP or IPv4 Address. In that case, you don’t get an IP address. This shows there is an issue with your PC’s system connection. On the off chance that you are uncertain of how to reconnect your PC to the system, contact brother printer technical support team or system head for further help with the PC’s system connection.

    Read More: Brother Printer Technical Support