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    5 Steps to Planning a Successful Marketing Strategy for 2019

    By: textapi Posted in: Marketing
    5 Steps to Planning a Successful Marketing Strategy for 2019

    We are about to move beyond 2018 and almost begin to glance into the future at 2019 to see what it has in store for us. This is the ideal time for businesses and marketers to consider and review their past marketing campaigns. Then, they can begin planning to build on their success from past years, adapt to changes and even learn from their mistakes by building successful strategies for the new year. We understand that there are countless areas you could explore or focus your resources on so it’s better to start planning ahead before the new year arrives.

    So we will take a look at some steps to maximize your marketing strategies for 2019.

    1. Return on Investment understanding

    Marketing has evolved in recent years and every year, there are changes in strategies resulting from changes in the market and consumer trends. This is why marketers are expected to know the accurate ROI from their promotional campaigns. This means that marketers need to consider how they can display and analyze what monetary value they get in return from their promotions and the investment they put into it. Today you can find the latest digital analytics tools which are great to get call-to-action worthy results. Besides, you don’t really need to be on billboards or make Play-off commercials. These digital channels can do wonders for your campaign if you execute your strategies effectively.

    2. Segmentation is key

    You cannot randomly blast out your promotions anymore and expect quality returns. Marketing is now much more personal than that. Businesses now spend much of their time and investment in segmenting their database to find out exactly who their customers are and what they expect from your business. There are multiple factors to consider like time, demographics, preferences, user history and gender just to name a few. Segmentation helps marketers pinpoint which customers hold the maximum return on marketing expenditure allowing them to optimize its returns in the future. For example, a business can fill up their store with thousands of products with ranging in quality and quantity. Segmentation will ensure that their store has exactly what their customers want which will save a lot of expenditure.

    3. Offer a Consistent and High-Quality User Experience

    We live in an age of super-powered customers. We have moved on from, “customers are always right” to “customers are very demanding”. This means that quality user experience is just as important as your product or service. Businesses worldwide now aim to ensure a quality brand experience before and after the sale and marketing cycle. Marketers need to work with all the resources in the company to ensure that the right response is relayed at the right time. So much so that marketers need to understand nuances in written communication when converse with prospects using emails, calls or SMS gateway. This helps businesses develop a strong customer relationship which allows them to build a loyal clientele for a long and returning period of time. Consistency means efficiency and makes room for only more prospects to come in.

    4. Implement Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Digital marketing applications are now one of the most significant tools at a company’s disposal. In recent years, SEO and content marketing have been used together effectively worldwide to boost a business’s online presence. This is because 60 percent of sales are now online and 70 percent of shoppers shop from the first five search results. So today, companies ensure that their websites and social media pages are on the top of search engine results. Plus, Ads are not as effective as they used to be so this is where context-driven content comes in play to provide more insight into a product or service.

    5. Competitor Analysis

    Most business today is red ocean businesses even when they start off as blue ocean businesses. Competition is not only present in the market but is also born. Businesses should take a look at their core competitors and their marketing strategies and determine if an opportunity to get a similarly successful result is on the cards. Plus, your competitors can also aid you in finding hidden gaps in the market so it’s not always about replicating what they’re doing but also about doing something better than them to drive their customers towards you.