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  • Via Outlook Customer Service Reconnect Outlook to Outlook.com

    By: Thilde Carlsson Posted in: Outlook Customer Service Reconnect Outlook
    Via Outlook Customer Service Reconnect Outlook to Outlook.com

    Microsoft has introduced a new outlook.com with a number of amazing and new features. Gradually, Microsoft has been upgrading the outlook.com web accounts of all the outlook users. If you are using outlook as your desktop email client, then you have to reconnect it with outlook.com account for getting uninterrupted email access. According to Outlook Customer Service tech experts, if you don’t do that, then outlook may just stop syncing with outlook.com.

    In order to reconnect MS Outlook desktop email client with your Outlook.com account, you have two selections:

    ·         If you are using primary or only account, then create a new profile.

    ·         If you have multiple accounts is MS outlook, then delete the old one after that create and add the outlook.com as a new account.

    Look at the simplest way to create a new profile in Outlook

    ·         To create a new profile in outlook, simply open control panel.

    ·         In the search box type mail and click on the search result to open the box that says, setup email accounts and directories. After that, click on its right-hand side email accounts button.

    ·         Tap on show profiles and then tap on add button.

    ·         Enter the name that you want to give your profile and then press ok.

    ·         An “add account” box will open, fill up the necessary details. After entering credentials, click on next and follow the wizard.

    That’s how, you can easily create a new profile in outlook to reconnect outlook to outlook.com for uninterrupted email access.

    Know the method to remove email account and then recreate it

    ·         If you are using outlook to sync several email accounts, then you have to delete the account and then create a new one in order to get uninterrupted email access.

    ·         To remove the existing email account from outlook, you need to launch outlook first.

    ·         Go for file tab and then click on the account settings.

    ·         Choose the email account that you wish to remove and click on the remove link.

    ·         After removing your email account, you will have to re-create this account.

    ·         When the account is recreated, restart MS outlook.

    By doing so, you will be able to Reconnect Outlook desktop email client to Outlook.com for uninterrupted email access. If you face issues while applying these steps, you need to make a call at Outlook Customer Service Phone Number and take necessary guidance from experts. These technicians will surely assist you in eliminating whatever issues you face while applying above mentioned steps.

    Source Link: https://medium.com/@carlssonthilde34/via-outlook-customer-service-reconnect-outlook-to-outlook-com-cc59d4b4799c